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Atomic Structure of Liquid metal Alloys

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The atomic structure is the most striking characteristic of the Liquidmetal alloys as it fundamentally differentiates Liquidmetal alloys from ordinary metals.


The atomic structure of ordinary or conventional metals and alloys is periodic, where the layout of atomic elements shows repeating patterns over an extended range. This atomic structure is called "crystalline" and limits the overall performance of conventional metals.


Liquidmetal alloys possess an "amorphous" atomic structure, which is truly unique. By contrast to the crystalline structure, no discernable patterns exist in the atomic structure of the unique Liquidmetal alloys. As such, properties superior to the limits of conventional metals can be achieved.


Properties of Liquid metal

This amorphous atomic structure leads to a unique set of characteristic properties for the family of Liquidmetal alloys.


These characteristic properties are:


• High Yield Strength

• High Hardness

• Superior Strength/Weight Ratio

• Superior Elastic Limit

• High Corrosion Resistance

• High Wear-Resistance

• Unique Acoustical Properties


One of the direct results of the unique atomic structure of Liquidmetal alloys is very high yield strength, which approaches the theoretical limit and far exceeds the strength currently available in crystalline metals and alloys.

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