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Liquid Metal Cool Your Laptop

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TIM-PASTE-I, TIM-PASTE-Pro, TIM-PASTE-Ultra are liquid metal thermal compound based on eutectic alloy. It is a viscous thermal grease with 100% metal content. The thermal conductivity is above 20w/mk. It has very good adhesion and high temperature resistance. It is non-flowing, non-volatile and non-oxidizing can work very well even under high temperature environment. It is an ideal alternative to silicone grease. It can also be used for IGBT and large LED cooling, power battery cooling, CPU / GPU cooling, and can maintain high thermal conductivity and safety for a long time.

Liquid metal that dissipates heat in a notebook

TIM-PASTE produced by Sinoma Shengte is an environmentally friendly product that complies with the European Union's ROHS standards. It can be used in conduction systems, heat conduction cooling, thermal design, temperature adjustment devices, flexible printed circuit boards, switches, barometers, etc. Liquid metal can also be directly applied between the CPU / GPU and the heat sink, as a sufficient filling material for the contact surface, which plays a role of rapid cooling.

Liquid metal, whether you apply it in paste or solid form. It will become liquid at high temperature and condense to solid at low temperature (it will not work after shutdown).

It should be noted that when applying to the CPU, do not spill liquid metal on the motherboard. Liquid metal designed by Sinoma Shengte is very suitable for application and is equipped with cleaning materials to ensure that you can protect yourself during the application process. CPU.

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