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Liquid metal element

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Liquid metal is also named as the amorphous alloy, metallic glass, it is a condensed state that atoms arranged the crystal in random order when the metal freezing rapidly, and keep the atoms in liquid form at room or low temperatures. The structure of amorphous atoms make the liquid metal atoms have many unique performances, such as excellently corrosion resistance, abrasive resistance, and high strength, high hardness, etc.

Most of Metal

(1) Aluminum, the metal element with the highest content in the earthcrust 

(2) Iron, the metal element with the world's highest annual production currently

(3) Calcium, the metal element with the highest content in human body

(4) Silver, the metal element with the best conductor of electricity and heat

(5) Chromium, the metal element with the hardest

(6) Cesium, the metal element with the most lively

(7) Tungsten, the metal element with the highest melting point

(8) Mercury, the metal element with the lowest melting point

(9) Osmium, the metal element with densest

(10) Cone, the metal element with the least dense

(11) Gold, the metal element with the best malleability

(12) Platinum, the metal element with the best ductility

(13) Uranium, the metal element with the largest reserves in the sea


metal element

Crystal structure and physical properties of metals

The metal substance of forming by metallic elements. In a solid state, it's all metallic crystals.

Physical properties of metals

There is electrical property between metal ions and free electrons in the metal crystal, the function has difference between power and weakness. Normally, the more valence electrons, the smaller the atomic radius and the stronger the effect. Its melting and boiling point is relatively high, density and hardness is also better.

Chemical properties of common metals

The characterize of metal’s chemical properties is that they are easy to lose electrons in their outermost layers and display the reductibility, which is related to their atomic structure.

Oxide of Metal

Conception: A kind of binary compound that consist of oxygen and metal


Gallium is a very magical liquid metal element, it has low melting point high boiling point, just the temperature of the palm can make it melt. Gallium is also known as the "backbone of the electronics industry". Many compounds of gallium are superior semiconductor materials, which are widely used in the photoelectron industry and microwave communication industry, the most famous is the gallium nitride blue LED, which won the 2014 Nobel Prize in physics.Gallium arsenide is used to the manufacture of solar cells and make contribution to the sustainable use of energy.


Indium is a silver-white with light blue, it is very soft and can be scratched with fingernails.Indium has powerful plasticity and malleability, it can be pressed into sheets.The metal indium is mainly used to make materials of low-melting alloy, bearing alloy and semiconductor etc.Indium is avirulent but should be avoided in contact with skin and ingested.


A metallic element having a silvery white luster and a low melting point, It's divalent or tetravalent in the compound and will not be oxidized by air. It occurs mainly in the form of oxides (cassiterite) and various sulfides (Such as sulfur cassiterite ).


Gallium Indium Tin Alloy

Low-melting point alloyit means the fusible alloy that melting point is lower than 232℃(the melting point of Sn); It is usually composed of Bi, Sn, Pb, In and other low-melting metallic elements. Low-melting alloys are widely used to the solders. And other fuses wire, fuse protector etc. thermosensitive components in electrical appliances, steam, fire control, fire alarm and other devices.

Liquid metal

The Liquid Metal is made of 100% metal material and is liquid form atroom temperature. It has greater thermal conductivity than that of traditional thermal conductive materials, and has excellent heat dissipation performance. With remarkable stability and reliability, it is very good to used in the field of CPU/GPU cooling, high temperature and heat flow, and is a great substitute of Silicone Grease. In addition to the high thermal conductivity of all metals, those in the liquid form will also exhibit low interfacial resistance ensuring that they can dissipate heat quickly. Meanwhile, it is compatible with copper and stainless steel without emitting organic substance.

Liquid metal - Sino Santech Materials

Now let's talk about the advantages of liquid metals that have been popular recently

Compared with traditional metals, the advantages of liquid metals are reflected in three aspects: property, process and cost:

1.Property, liquid metal is known as the hardest light alloy, and it has outstanding performance in Radiating capability and Electromagnetic shielding.

2.Process, liquid metal can be injection molded, pressure casted and other processes to obtain the ideal shape,due to it is cooled by amorphous state, the shrinkage is very small. Parts made of liquid metal have very high dimensional accuracy.

3.Cost, liquid metal is a cleaning materials, the materials and product of process has no toxic and side effect and few impact on the environment. And liquid metal products are basically a one-time molding, save a lot of post-processing, is a kind of green materials.

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