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What are the passive heat conduction and other heat conduction modes of heat conducting sheet?

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CPUThermal conductivity of passive means without other auxiliary way of thermal conductivity of thermal conductivity, by conducting strip their contact with the chip, heat conduction take away heat gathering on the chip, but the present computer parts and components manufacturing more and more complex, the instant heat, only a passive thermal far cannot satisfy the needs of CPU heat conduction, so now we can only in the low calorific value control motherboard north and south bridge chip or some graphics display chip calorific value is not high to see this kind of way of thermal conductivity.


Air cooling heat conduction is now the most common and the highest utilization of a heat conduction, belongs to the active heat conduction, this heat conduction can solve our usual heat conduction needs, the technology is mature and the price is moderate, so it is widely used in the market. The air-cooled heat conductor is simple in structure, cheap in price, safe and reliable. However, it also has some disadvantages, such as not being able to lower the temperature below room temperature, noise due to the rotation of the fan, and the improper installation of the fan will cause vibration, which will damage the computer components in the long run, and the fan life is also limited.


Water cooling heat conduction is the use of water to replace air, through the movement of water in the heat between the heat convection to take away the excess heat.

The water cooling system works simply by using pumps to pull water out of the water storage unit, which is then piped into a heat exchanger that covers the CPU. The water then comes out of another opening in the heat exchanger and flows back through the water pipe to the storage tank. The whole water cooling system includes heat exchanger, circulation system, water tank, water pump and so on. The thermal conductivity of the water-cooling system is very strong, which is very suitable for some overclocking enthusiasts.


The principle of liquid cooling heat conduction is the same as that of water cooling heat conduction, and the heat conduction method adopted by them is the same. The difference is that the flow in the circulation system is thermal silicone oil instead of water, which has obvious benefits. It will not cause the computer hardware damage due to the damage of the circulation system to the silicon oil flowing out. At present the market for the sale of the aokma liquid cooling thermal conductivity belongs to this type of thermal conductivity. In addition to the above mentioned methods of active heat conduction, there are heat conduction of heat pipe, heat conduction of semiconductor refrigerator, heat conduction of compressor refrigeration, heat conduction of liquid nitrogen, etc.

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